Thursday, December 04, 2008

niko's favorite place, but she can't get down.

i'm enjoying living with niko so much!
she is exploring my apartment, and that's her new favorite spot.
I don't know how she got up there coz it's pretty high.
but she can't get down.

anyway, i'm working on a new design of kitchen towel. I'm pretty excited about it. the design isn't pattern design but will be in it, and it will be more than 10 colors!! should be in my shop soon.
i've been doing silkscreen print for a few years, but i still get so excited about printing. i love the whole process of screen printing! i love seeing my design on fabrics. it's super fun.
i'll post about my new design towel when i finish.

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kitkabbit said...

ohhh, the new kitty is adorable!
here is mine ^_^
i have a tuxedo kitty too plus a classic tabby. she looks like a total lovey sweetiepie. have you gotten a laser pointer yet? that is the best cat toy ever!