Tuesday, December 09, 2008

mr. red and his friends

ohh im so excited about this towels!
it's a 10 colors design of mr. red and his friends.
if you know screen print, you know how time consuming it is to print something like this. you have to make 10 screens, and you have to wait to get dry between each print. registration is a key too. i don't use hinges to hold a screen, so they are all registered by sight! they are not 100% perfect registration, but i like it a lot! some of the color fade out a little but i love the looks of it.
these are limited of 27. it will be in my shop later today.

i hope you like as much as i do.


Shiz said...

Hey! I found this site a while ago and I thought you might enjoy it. Have a great winter break! -Shiz

ps- here's the link - http://inaminuteago.com/stitchindex.html

Niko is so cute! I want kittens NOW!!

Yuko said...

hi shiz!
thanks for stopping by my blog. :p
i liked the link, lots of useful infos! thanks.

i tried to email you to your address on your site, but didnt go through...

yes, you should get a cat too! its just soo much fun to live with her.

shiz said...

my info should be on the bio page of that site. I'm changing the site soon, ... but it's a lot of work, so hopefully it will be done by the new year.

but next year... I will get kittens!

Anonymous said...
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CĂ©line said...

Always so cute and wondurful!