Monday, November 24, 2008


she is my new friend niko.
there is a big garden back of my apartment, and there are many ally cats live there. one day i notice a new cat. few days later, one rainy day she was by my window meowing, so i opened the window. she came in, and went to my bed and start sleeping. she is so cute! i wasnt sure if i would keep her since it's a big commitment! but i let her stay that night since it was raining.
after that, she is always waiting every time i come home. she wasn't hungry since alot of other people who live around the garden are feeding to the cats lives there. but chicago winter is coming, and she is just so sweet. now she is my new friend.


Gis said...

she looks a lot like my kitten ultra :D :D :D

Yuko said...

ultra must be super cute then!

Spin Spin said...

So cute and little. And she's got white socks!

Kelly Medina said...

She is very cute and sounds like she has a great personality. She chose you! I'm glad she found a good home :)

One of my kitties is tuxedo coloring with the white feetsies - it adds so much character to them. too cute!

Yuko said...

hi spin spin!
yes she is so cute, and so friendly.
i only know her a month but she always wants to be close to me. she come to my laps when im on computer, and sleep on top of me, and sit by my side when i sew!

hi kelly!
she is a fun cat! i gave her organic cat nip yesterday, and she loves it.
i like the white feet too. so cute.