Thursday, November 20, 2008


hello people!
sorry about not writing anything here last 2 months.
there is no big reason i've been gone for while, time just past so quickly!
i'm doing good.
i'm working towards the holiday season, printing new and old designs kitchen towels.
pictures is embroidery i made for my new niece yukako. each tear drops took 1-3 hours! phew!
oh i adapt a cat! her name is niko, and she is so sweet! but i witnessed that she killed cute squirrel and eating it. i was shock!!! now i won't let her out, i refuse to raise a killer cat!
i will take a pic of her soon and post it here.
good night!


Sarah said...

Hi! I love that picture you did for your niece-beautiful. I am always upset when my cats kill something-though luckily it is not that often. Hopefully yours won't do it too much. One of mine once left me a mouse in my sewing. Another time I was given a bird in my sandal! Yuck

Suzy said...

Such beautiful embroidery, your niece is lucky.
And your cat sounds very cute, please show us a photo soon.

Yuko said...
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Yuko said...

hello sarah,
thank you for your nice comment!
im afraid to let my cat out now. i don't want her to kill and eat them.
your cat loves you!

thank you suzy! im happy with my embroidery piece.
i will put my cat pic soon. :)

ShiriMe! said...

beautiful embroidery! what is this type of embroidery called? do you use yarn to do it? it looks different from typical embroidery.

and thanks for posting! yay!

Yuko said...

hi shiri me!
this embroidery is all done by common stitch called french knot. it is used regular embroidery threads. this is a french knot tutorial video.
i just did bunch of it, takes time but i love the texture it create!

Waterrose said...

Love the teardrops...french knots take forever!...but are beautiful to give depth and texture.