Monday, September 15, 2008

renegade craft fair.

who went to renegade? I did!!
weather was horrible, rained all weekend, but all the crafters and artists spirits were sun shining!
i was impress about their booths presentation. They carefully thought about how they present their beautiful works. i saw some really cool booths. and i liked the guy who were selling chalkboard t-shirts by class.
i said hi to few friends who were vendors at renegade, weather didn't beat them, they are smiling and having a great time ( sort of ) doing what they love and made me feel yay!
i stopped by at etsy booth and met etsy people too.
i bought a couple of thing with my limited budget, and i love them. ( bowl and notebook pics come later )
i hope i can do renegade maybe in christmas or next year.

* pics are new towels in my shop.
im a serious sushi eater, i love fish. so i made fish towels :)


meredith cheng - San Francisco, CA, US said...

hi yuko -

it's so great to see new towels in your shop! The colors are amazing and beautiful =)


Beth J said...

The fish are terrific, absolutely gorgeous!

Yuko said...

hi meredith,
thanks! I always end up using same colors that i like, blueish and greenish, so im trying to use many colors.

hi beth,
i like my fish too!
thank you.

DEE BEALE said...

Love the colours.