Thursday, September 18, 2008

38th Artist's Open House

My neighborhood ( pilsen ) is having a 38th Artist's Open House on next weekend September 26-28. I am participating it with Camille Canales !!
I will open up my studio (? )/apartment to public. really??
It's kind a weird to open up my living space to the public, but Camille and I are excited about this event!
We will showcase our works and sell at this event, so please stop by and take a look at our works.
Camille ( who inspired me to try out embroidery ) does amazing embroidery works, she also does silkscreen.

now, Im cleaning up my apartment like crazy.
hope to see you guys!
38th Artist's Open House
September 26th, 2008 - September 28th, 2008
Friday 6-10pm Sat and Sun 12-7pm

around 18th and Halsted st.
My place is next to church ( my door facing Jesus ).

*You can get all the information at information booth at 18th and halsted.
look for a orange flag(made by camille) and my orange bike!


Amy Hodge said...

I got excited for a minute thinking I might be able to make it! I'll be in Chicago (from California!) this Sunday to Tuesday (I think that's 21st-23rd). I'll be there to attend a business conference, so I wouldn't have had much free time, but I would have tried to make it! Bummer!

Yuko said...

hi amy,
that's bummer!
i would love to meet someone who actually read my blogs since Ive never met anyone who read my blog in person.
if you were here last weekend, you could have gone to renegade( even though it rained ).
but hope you have a great time in chicago this weekend!

JSchwa said...

Yeah, opening your home studio is scary and interesting at the same time. Good luck.

benz said...

oh this sounds great! I live in chicago and I will be there :)

Also, I am planning to sign up for a screen printing class at lillstreet. Do you have any recommendation? I am thinking about taking it with Andrea Myers.

Yuko said...

hi jschwa,
yes, its scary especially my place is more like an apartment(living space), not studio(working space). but i will have a fun!

hi benz,
yes yes, please come!
our place is #5.6.

screenprinting classes at lillstreet are great. Camille canales also teaches silkscreen at lillstreet.
you should ask her about it when you come here. i don't think i have met andrea yet.

benz said...

thanks Yuko :) can't wait to see you both in person!
Camille class has already started so I'm a little too late for that. There are 2 teachers for mid-october class..andrea and sara :) See you soon!

Yuko said...

hi benz,
that's right, classes already started for september.
anyway i will look forward to seeing you!!

Anonymous said...

hi yuko! james from lill street + qylaar here. i hope to stop by tonight. i am in a show near by. stop by if you can!

Change Today. Change Tomorrow.
Friday, September 26th | 6 to 9 PM
within(REASON) Gallery
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