Sunday, August 24, 2008

my first embroidery.

i finished 2 of my first embroidery, and i enjoyed making them.
i always thought embroidery is so beautiful, but i've never thought trying myself.
but my friend at lillstreet, resident textile artist camille canales inspires me so much.
i saw her working on her peices all summer for her show currently going on at lillstreet, and made me want to try it.
if you are living around montrose neighborhood, you can see her flags on lillstreet building.

* updates about my electronics.
tv is back on, printer came back from shop, but computer is still half dead. but im fine :).


Tina said...

Fantastic job. I love the designs. First try huh? Looks like your a seasoned embroiderer.

Miss 376 said...

Wow, fantastic

Yuko said...

thanks tina and miss 376,
im kind of hooked, but these took me hours and hours!! and im kind of person who can't stop once i start, so i was doing nothing but this last couple of weeks... not good!

hine said...


Yuko said...

ひねさん こんにちは! 

にょきにょき(1番目のやつ)はフレンチノットっていうstichで作ったんだ。だんご作るやり方。それを何百回もやったって感じ。時間かかったけど、もこもこ感が気に入ってるよ。今度はもっと大きいの挑戦したい! けど時間がなーい。

Jinnie said...

Looks great! Fun design, too. :)

sally said...

I am so impressed by your embroidery. It is really cool and unique.

Yuko said...

hello jinnie & sally,
thank you guys! :)
i like how french knot created texture.

Waterrose said...

Lovely....sooo many french knots!