Saturday, March 08, 2008

Lillstreet on TV with Allison Rose.

lillstreet art center in ravenswood where i do print is having open house day next saturday ( march 15th ). anyone can stop by and visit variety of artists!
and, tomorrow on NBC sunday morning news starting 8 am on channel 5, my friend from lillstreet miss allison rose who create amazing dye work and silkscreen, also has shop at etsy call blue thimble, and she teaches at lillstreet too, will be on air to talk about what she teaches at lillstreet and share her super cute work!
please watch the show, and stop by next week at lillstreet! they will have free workshop, free food, and many more!

pics are lillstreet and allison's my favorite octopus design!


binal said...

you were so right.
i'm in love instantly with all her works at her etsy. such a wonderfully crafted stuff.

btw, do you know if miss alison has blog that i could visit?

thank you,


Yuko said...

hi bin,
i know, her works are so lovely.
she does dye and monoprint, take forever to make just one piece!
i dont think she has a blog, but if you are in chicago area, you can take her class!