Tuesday, March 11, 2008

i'm addicted to silkscreen print.

my fabric guy didn't come through this time, and i didn't have fabrics to print, so i look around the apartment and grabbed my curtains to print.
also another duvet cover.
it made my room brighter!


Waterrose said...

Are your white pillow cases next? ;-)

avie said...

love the curtains! do you burn your own screens?

Yuko said...

hi waterrose,
yes yes i will print pillows to match duvet, i forgot to bring pillow cases to studio.. :p

hi avie,
yes i do burn my own screens, my screen sizes are around 20 by 30 inchs, and i just print repeat till it fills whole fabric, i use tape sometime for register, otherwise i just print by looking.

Megan said...

I love the curtains!

I was curious about what size screen you use, so thank you for letting us know. In college, when I printed yardage, I used screens that were 48 inches so it would go across the width of the fabric.