Monday, November 19, 2007

Lucky 7 winners!

Thank you so much for leaving many comments!
It was great to know what you guys want from PataPri.
Yes, yardage, I've been wanting to do that. That would be my next step.
I will consider all your thoughts and comments for big PataPri business meeting for year 2008 with me and me.
anyway, these are the winners.
"Yardage, or tablecloths and table runners could be great- love the idea for border- printed curtains (which would work on a tablecloth too!). I'd be more likely to buy yardage to make pillows than to buy ready-made pillows, but I'm sure there are others who would think the opposite."
I would love to see some fabric that could be used to make quilts or some patchwork! Thanks!
Definitely more yardage! Perhaps more patterns in a single color? Your towels and designs are lovely and I enjoyed your Etsy interview when you were a featured seller.
I love your work. Yardage would be great but also ...twill tape.
ake some beautiful bags! I also agree with the crowd that yardage would be lovely :)
(I keep adding things to the list and then deleting them thinking I've already listed too many. . . basically your fabric can make anything wonderful!)
I would love to see aprons as well. How about lounge wear, like pajamas/pajama pants to match the bedding sets you've been creating? Your patterns are so cute--I would also buy "girl short" type undies with your designs printed on them.
Yardage would be fabulous! I would also love to see placemats and napkins. I think they would make beautiful little sets.

Please email me with your shipping address.
Thanks again for giving lots of good input.
People who didn't win, I will do another give away around Christmas time so please come back and play!

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