Thursday, November 01, 2007

Love for printmaking!

You all know I love silkscreen printing, and now I am learning other printmaking such as etching, lithography, and relief printing.
There are great printmaking classes at Harold Washington college in Chicago.
My teacher Richard Repasky who used to teach at Art Institute Of Chicago and Anchor Graphics is a great artist and teacher. His knowledge of all kind of printmaking is just amazing. I feel so lucky that I got a chance to learn from him.
I found myself loving etching. This is the picture of my second attempt etching print! I took a picture of handmade crochet monkey doll I bought from Etsy and changed with photoshop and draw on zinc plate. I think Brown ink goes well with the image, and accent orange color is nice.
What do you think?


Victoria E said...

Wow - that is impeccable; great job!

Yuko said...

thank you victoria.
i will blog more about prints im making.
it's so fun!