Wednesday, July 11, 2007

PataPri Up coming event!

PataPri towels will be at Depart-ment at Pitchfork festival at Union Park this weekend!
Pitchfork is music festival and Depart-ment will be there. De La Soul (love them!) will be there along with many other.
Depart-ment is not reguler craft fair so I won't be there all day, but I will be there at paper/art/home section on Friday13th and Satuday14th night 7:30 - 10:15, if you see me please say hi, i will hi back to you!
My inventory is low as usual, so I printed many towels yesterday for the fair and etsy. I'm supposed to cutting and ironing and sewing now, but Im watching "top chef".... and blogging...

*pics are goco cards i printed for fair. They are free so grab them if you are at Depart-ment!


jen said...

i'll try to say hi.
we'll be there all 3 days. i too am most looking forward to de la soul, and iron and wine and califone.
the cards look really good!

marsha said...

oh man ... i honestly wish i was there ... but i'm way over in the UK ... good luck for the fair!

Qiana said...

beautiful cards!!!!

Yuko said...

Hi jen, hope to see you there!
Thanks marsha and qiana!
this is second time im doing fair and i think its good that they can touch and see my towels in person.
anyway, im still sewing!! after sewing i still have to iron and wash and iron and pack! and i got some gocco to do..
i need coffee!!

[nancy + andy] said...

Hope you had a fantastic day there :) The cards are looking good!