Friday, July 06, 2007


Yesterday, my new gocco came in mail!
I think i did gocco when i was a kid ( like every other kids did in japan back in 80's ), but it has been a while and I was so excited.
I made cards with my towel design and my how to cards and alien I drew last year for first try. It turned out pretty good!


PG said...

Oh, how exciting - I am about to buy a Gocco, my very first - may I ask what size yours is please? Your cards are lovely!

jen said...

i love the how to make the towel cards! cute

Yuko said...

mine is a card size, small one called PG-11 which is easy to register. so if you want to do many color layers this is the one you want.
You will like gocco! so fun.

Rodrigo said...
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lorenzstudio said...


I just love your blog and etsy shop! I wanted to let you know that one of your items is featured in my treasury on etsy!


Paper Shop ink. said...


Where did you buy your gocco? Paper-source? Love your towels. I am going to buy some soon.


anuska said...

I just discovered your blog and I love it. I'm going to list you on my morning coffee visits. Very creative.

I love Gocco. Where you have bought your Gocco?

Will be back to visit often ^_*

Yuko said...

thank you for stopping by!
i bought my gocco in japan, they dont ship internationally though.
now, you can get gocco stuff at paper source

I should blog more, havnt write any for 2 weeks!

Corrie said...

ohhhhh I'm a new gocco convert and love it but I'm very impressed with your collection of paints! wowee that is a lot of paints!!!

charlotte said...

hello Yuko - I just love all the bits you got in your gocco package - all those inks!!

My gocco humbles in comparison :)

I love your designs!!

Anonymous said...

Goccos go for about $200 in the US--just curious, how much do they retail for in Japan? Anyone know?


Yuko said...

i have a gocco pg-11, and it was around $100 from japan.
they charge double in here (usa)?

knit. sew. paint. throw. said...

my brother is in japan visiting for two weeks. he is staying in tokyo.. i want him to buy me a gocco while he is there. can you recommend any stores that sell them? i've heard of tokyo hands. He is going to ship it to me or take it back in his suitcase. if you wouldnt mind telling me i would appreciate it.. thank you!