Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Fabric & Screen

Yesterday, I went to shopping for more fabrics.
There is a huge fabric warehouse in north side of Chicago where I buy all my fabrics. Surrounding by thousands of bolt fabrics makes me excited!
I bought 2 bolts of 100% imported linen. I will wash them to get lid of sizing to be ready for printing.
Today, I went to get my new meshed screens! I cant wait to use them.
If you live in Chicago area and need silkscreen supply Chicago silkscreen is the place to go. You can get screens and supply with reasonable price, way cheaper than regular art supply stores, and people there are so friendly and helpful.


Meet Me at Mikes said...

Oh.. sounds like a heavenly day of crafty shopping! Yippee! Your things always make me smile and wish we could have tea together! xx pip

Yuko said...

yea I love crafty shopping! I have more fun buying craft stuff than buying new shoes...
Tea sounds good, maybe someday when i visit australia!

DeborahOfChicCosas.Com said...

I found your blog on ETSY.
Wow,the fabrics look amazing.Ive always admired Russian,Japanese and Norwegian fabrics and yours is just screaming to be competition in my fabric love!
Beautiful job,really incredible!

Yuko said...

thanks for your sweet comment!
im glad you like my towels.

Recycled Star - said...

I found your store from rarebirdfinds. Beautiful! I'm moving to the north side of Chicago in a week, so I'll definitely need to buy some towels for my new kitchen!

Can you share the location of the fabric warehouse? I need to find some good fabric/art stores!

Good luck!

Yuko said...

Hi, welcome to northside!
i go to voge warehouse in evanston.
You have to buy a bolt ( 15 yards and more ) to get wholesale price, but you can get it even you dont have a reseller license.
its a great place. vogue retail store are great too.

hope it wont be hot muggy weather like yesterday when you move!

Yuko said...

this is the link for vogue warehouse info.