Friday, June 08, 2007

Beautiful letterpress cards.

Letterpress, I love them! I always wanted to make something with letterpress, so I did. I designed a 4 color promo cards, half the size of a post card. There are so many great letterpress shops out there and I went with
Vertallee Letterpress + Printed Goods. They did amazing work!!
I keep looking at it and admiring their beautiful letterpress work.
I chose letterpress because I think their hand printed method well represents my hand printed towels.


Meet Me at Mikes said...

Ohhh! So lovely i can hear them CRUNCH! Clever clever clever! And cheery too! xx pip

Yuko said...

arn't they so cute?? I'm so happy about these cards. Can't wait to give to people.

nina said...

mmmh they look so wonderful! damn i think i might have a letterpress fetish haha

oh and by the way, i love your towels! i'd love to do screen printing myself, but due to lack of time and knowledge / skills... =)

greetings from cologne, germany

Yuko said...

Hi nina,
i do have letter press fetish!
screen printing is acutually simple.
let's print!

Dudley Redhead said...

Yuko - it was wonderful to find you through the Etsy featured seller. Can you silkscreen some paper prints at the same time? Goes to show I know nothing. I LOVE your letterpress cards also - were they expensive? I'm definitely bookmarking your blog.
well done!

Yuko said...

Hi Tara,
Thanks for sweet comment!
print on paper or fabrics, pretty much same.
i was into printing on paper, like posters, last year, and now im into print on fabrics again.
letterpress, they're so beautiful. wish i knew how to do it.
it was bit pricy, but i think Vertalle letterpress + Print goods company gave me great price. they did amazing job.
and my cards represent my towels, so i didnt want to be cheap on that!