Wednesday, August 08, 2012

new design owl


hows your summer?

i have asked few times for owl design from my lovely customers before.
so i designed it finally.
what do you think?

whats your design process?
curious how other designers come up with design.

i don't really sketch, the new ideas or designs usually come to my mind when im in bed.  and i take those ideas to computer. i play around with shapes and color on illustrator and make it to final design. sometime it is completely different from my original design in my head.  my process is pretty quick once i have ideas.  

i made the screens of owl design yesterday. i always get soo excited when i print new design. choosing color will be fun process too.
i cant wait to start printing! 

i just printed owls. im liking it. :)

have a good day!


amy said...

Lovely design!

meredith cheng - munaluna said...

oOoo owls finally!!! I REALLY love the owl design you created - and so clever to have the two together like that! I think it would also be pretty if you just did repeat owl so each row would have owl facing right, next row facing left. you can experiment to see how it looks :)

I hope you are doing well! one of my friends from japan just came to visit me! the weather must be so hot there right now!

miss you,

Rowan said...

Is that a plastic frame you are using to print? I wonder if that is better than a wood frame. I don't think I have seen plastic frames before. The owls are very cute, like all your patterns! Hope your summer was good, the weather must be cooler by now :)

Yuko said...

hello rowan,
wood or aluminum one is better. i use this because i dont have a choice. its a t-shirt-kun.
yes yes weather is so much nice and loving it.
summer here is terrible, hot and humid.
have a good day!

Bali Hotels said...
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Bali Resorts said...
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Tanpopo said...

What are you up to these days ? I just discovered your blog but I follow your work on Etsy for a while & I love it. Very inspirational indeed !

Yuko said...

hi tanpopp,

cute name!
thank you for stopping by my blog.
i just started to work after a long relaxing holidays.
i have a show coming up in feb and, about to start print again!
wish you have a amazing year!

Bali Resorts said...

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