Wednesday, July 11, 2012

summer dress

rainy season is ending and summer is here in japan.
its hot and humid and pure hell.
last few days i was making summer dresses for girls.
i had a nice linen fabric for a while and wanted to make something with it.
i couldnt figure out how to sew lining inside the dress, so i googled.
found great tutorial.

it was well described and beginner  like i am could do it. yay!

2 dresses will be available on my etsy soon.
i will measure and figure it out the size but i think they are for girl around 10 years old.

i mentioned it on my facebook, but an article about my home is up online ( japanese), take a look! :)


Candice Wilson said...

Love your work! Do you ever have deals or specials on your baby blankets? I want more than one but can't afford that price :(

Vanessa Landry-Claverie said...

You have a beautiful home!
I love your work, keep it up!