Monday, March 19, 2012

spring is here?

march is ending and my nose is running because of tree allergy. :(
i had a flu and was in the bed for a week, since i live alone i fear the lonely death. haha but seriously i do.

well im fine now and back to printing! yay!
last week, i visited the shop that carry my towels " little lion lily" in kamakurayama.
it was my first time visit to the shop and i had wonderful time. its flower shop + cute stuff, and owner rika and her mom is such a sweet people. i met some of the customers who like my work. :)

i love flowers!
i brought home many flowers that day.

please stop by when you are in the neighborhood.
next to little lion lily, there is another antique shop.
they carry many beautiful antique glassware from england.
i couldnt resisnt getting cnadle stands and little vase.

little lion lily

thank you rika-san!


Brittany @ Pro-Soup Propaganda said...

Your comment of "fearing the lonely death" made me giggle. ;o) Sorry to hear you were sick, though!

Yuko said...

haha i know right.
i saw the documentary show about lonely death in japan, many old people here live alone and die alone and no one notice for days...
that got me thinking....