Saturday, June 05, 2010


its june already!
how are you guys doing?

ive been getting lots of good feedbacks of my new bedding.
im so happy that people enjoy what i make.
i printed a couple more queen size duvet cover and pillow cases sets.

today, my fam visited me from tokyo and my mom cleaned up my grandma room a little
since i havnt touch anything and just left everything as it was except my studio room.
she found some of my grandmas handmade bags.
i thought the crochet beads bag is so beautiful!
and those pattern books are from 50's.
it's sad that i never had a chance to learn crochet from her.

i moved to this house 9 months ago, wow already?
and it was supposed to be for a few months, but i love here so much that i dont want to leave!
weather i will be here for a few more months or year, i think its time to change around the house a little for my taste.
first thing im thinking about doing is change the bedroom wallpaper.
those 2 are my top 2 choices.
from here.
what do you think?

i will be at hayama environment festa tomorrow.
if you are in the neighborhood, please stop by!
there will be locally grown veggies and fish.


Sarah said...

I'm not a huge fan of wallpaper in general, but I love the daydream print with the birds and clouds.

Yuko said...

i wish i could paint!
in japan, most of house dont have painted wall, every room is done by wallpaper. i wonder why?

meredith cheng - munaluna said...

I LOVE the peacock feather one! The other is very pretty too - more dream like :) I've never been big on wallpaper, that's why I have each room in my house painted a different color! One idea that might interest you is to paint the walls, then use a stencil to paint all over your room - make it a truly custom patapri room :)

Yuko said...

hi meredith,
you painted each room different color?
thats so cool!
ive never really paint before, i was renting an apt and couldnt paint.
now i can do whatever i want to with my house, but there is no wall that i can paint.... can you paint over on wallpaper?

eleanor said...

i love that wallpaper. your work is lovely!


Yuko said...

thank you eleanor!
i will diy wallpaper, hope i can do it right!