Wednesday, May 12, 2010

busy busy.

hows everyone doing?

im working on duvet covers and pillow cases with new fabrics.

im falling love with quadruple gauze fabrics that im using for a bedding.
if you know double gauze fabrics, you know how soft and cozy they are!
if you're not familiar with this fabrics, you can read little bit about it in here.

i use quadruple gauze fabrics on print side and double on back.
they are so airy and soft!
i wish you can feel this fabrics.

quadruple one has crinkle texture which i love! can you see it from pic?

so ive been busy printing and sewing!
im aslo making new tags for my towels, had a hard time choosing colors.
i cant wait to start printing with my new
imabari towel with my own tags!

bedding should be up on my etsy soon!


Mira said...

I love your designs! If I have money left after the summer holidays I'm definitely gonna buy some bedlinen in your shop ;)

Suzy said...

I'm so excited to read about your new bedlinen! I need to get a duvet cover for my son's room... I will wait until you've listed your covers and see if there is something that would suit his bed. The photos look beautiful and I love the sound of the quadruple gauze.

Yuko said...

hi mira,
thank you for visiting my blog!
you will love new beeding from patapri.
have a great summer and come back in fall, i'll be here!;)

hi suzy,
im excited about my new bedding too!
i just loooove the fabrics.
a quadruple one is super soft and thick but light and airy!
it's perfect for all season.
come back soon to check them out! :)

Rai said...

I adore your bedding, your towels and all! I want to snuggle down under one of those (ALL of those duvet covers)!

Now tell me please, where can I find some of this fantastic quadruple gauze goodness?