Thursday, October 29, 2009

@ grandma's

it's been a month, since i moved to my grandma's house.
i was supposed to be in chicago, so i was kind of bummed to still be in japan, but now im kind of glad that i can spend time here. so relaxing!
i have a many wonderful memory here as i visited every summer and winter when i was a kid.

i will be here until next spring, so i want to enjoy as much i can before i move to chicago for good.
here are snaps of the house. toys my brothers, sister, and i used, old furniture, my grandmas handmade japanese dolls, view from the house, etc...

my project of making a little printing studio is going well.
i set up the dark room at closet!
things i need is almost all delivered. i order inks from usa, but delivery cost me same as inks.... but i wanted to use inks that im used to. ( pro chemical )
i was away from japan such a long time, so i dont really know where to get screen print products here, i googled but dont know which one is good!
im waiting my printing table (dining table) now.
i will put some pictures when i finish set up my new studio and tell you my new portable screen making machine.
lots of new stuff & design will be available soon!

and, thank you for your kind words for patapri's re-opening. :)
it really means a lot to me.

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Waterrose said...

COngrats on reopening. While you may want to be in Chicago it must be wonderful to be in another country for a short time. It certainly gives you a different perspective. take care.