Sunday, July 12, 2009


this is my sister's apartment, she lives on tiny apt on top floor.

since i cant bring my cat niko, i made a niko embroidery to travel with me.

new design "house"
my towel looking good by the window of where im staying.

ive safely arrived at paris last night.
weather is great and im enjoying to see my sister and paris.


Buzz's Food Lady said...

I love the house towel!

Spin Spin said...

Love your new towel, and Paris looks pretty nice too!

meredith cheng - munaluna said...

Your niko embroidery is wonderful as well as your towel!

Yuko said...

Thank you everyone!
im having amazing time in europe!
but im anxious to re-open patapri...

HEY BOYS said...

so great! enjoy your travel in the "capitale" ... love niko's embroidery

Shizuwa said...

I'm glad you're still printing, and your blogs are always enjoyable to read. I'm very urayamashii of your stay in Paris, but am also happy for you at the same time. hope to see you in Chicago again!
- Shizu