Tuesday, May 05, 2009

japanese masking tapes.

while i was in japan, i saw these colorful masking tapes, and i loved them.
so i had to get them all color! so pretty!
they are made with washi(japanese paper), very thin paper tape.
i found out that you can get these tapes in here and some of etsy shop. ( here and here )

and i wanted have tape dispenser just for these tapes.
where to look? etsy! i found a great wood shop "Banished wood working" , scott who makes cool wood toys custom made these tape dispensers for me!
i just received these tape dispensers yesterday and i'm very happy with it.
if you need one of these you should convo him! i asked him longer length but he will custom make any size for very reasonable price.
this is what i like about etsy, all the talented people from all over the world.

anyway, i just wanted to show off my new tape dispenser and tapes. haha


Spin Spin said...

Great tape, great dispensers and so great to see you're back. Yay!

meredith cheng - munaluna said...

oh my...this makes me want to go get some pretty tape...! I need to visit Japan!

Kiki said...

thanks for sharing! Japanese style and packaging is too cute!

Waterrose said...

Lovely. I have seen this tape lately. My question is, ...is it sticky like transparent tape?

Samantha said...

I'm so glad you posted about this, I have been looking for a way to store my tape. I contacted Scott, and should be getting some soon. Thanks!

Rhen Nicey said...

You can find this useful Tapes in several different types, and each of them will be perfect to support different requirements.