Friday, July 18, 2008

PataPri Paper!

I have been thinking about doing paper products since last year, and I finally did it! ( I could be slow sometime... )
Last few weeks, I have been printing posters ( silkscreen ) and cards ( gocco silkscreen ), and I'm happy how they came out.
My first passion was for papers. I get excited when I go to paper source or cards shop, or just checking online paper shop, like french paper.
When I was in Tokyo, there was my favorite paper shop called " Winged wheel " in Omote sando. I used to go there every time I get a chance and got inspired. Their paper products are amazing!
So, now I'm excited to finally able to show my paper stuff!
They will be in my shop soon!


sally said...

I love the paper idea. Of course you just tease me with the door poster. I just love that print.

Yuko said...

hi sally,
thanks for your comment!
doors poster ( 2 color theme ) will be available too. all the posters are limited of around 20 editions and numbered and signed.
check my shop out when they are in my shop.

Jinnie said...

i might have to stop by the store you mentioned when i go to japan this november. ;)

btw, these look great. looking forward them~

Yuko said...

Hello Jinnie,
oh you should, its a very small paper shop but they carry beautiful papers.
and there are many shops in omotesando area.
big muji store, and many cool indie designers clothing shops, and if you go to shibuya, near omote sando, you should go to store called LOFT, they have many cool stuff too, tokyu hands too.

Amanda said...

Just stumbled across your blog - can I say your designs are just beautiful, so colourful and simple! Amanda

Qiana said...

oh.... your work on paper is soooo lovely!!!!

PataPri said...

thank you amanda and qiana!
i had fun printing these posters and cards.

66 Stitches said...

Wow! I just found your blog via Sally's. The paper products are just beautiful. Congratulations!

vana chupp said...

they are all so adorable!