Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Power of blogs!

I was printing my towels all day today, so I'm tired!
but I just wanted to thank blogers who mentioned my towels.


Kim said...

You're perfectly welcome for the mention!

It seems blog mentinos come in storms, don't they?

Please, keep AT&A updated on your shop and all of the work you do with Patapri. I'd have no problem featuring you again!

Meet Me at Mikes said...

We must give lots and lots of credit where credit is due! Perhaps we could talk about having some of yourlovely things in our store in Melbourne?! We'll be watching all you do with great enthusiasm! xx pip

Yuko said...

Thank you so much kim and meet me at mikes!
I was printing all day again, and I was so tired but you guys comments made it forget.
Now, ironing and sewing time. I should say those are least favorite part of making my towels, but I wanna see finish products!
I'm working hard to do some wholesale near future, hopely..
New colors will be available this weekend so check them out!

the occasional cig... said...

Hey girl, congrats on making the Etsy front page! You rock!

Beebee Mod™ said...

I found your towels and had to put them on my blog. Your designs inspire me and make me happY!