Tuesday, January 29, 2013

PataPri blog is moving.

here is my new website/blog.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

new design owl


hows your summer?

i have asked few times for owl design from my lovely customers before.
so i designed it finally.
what do you think?

whats your design process?
curious how other designers come up with design.

i don't really sketch, the new ideas or designs usually come to my mind when im in bed.  and i take those ideas to computer. i play around with shapes and color on illustrator and make it to final design. sometime it is completely different from my original design in my head.  my process is pretty quick once i have ideas.  

i made the screens of owl design yesterday. i always get soo excited when i print new design. choosing color will be fun process too.
i cant wait to start printing! 

i just printed owls. im liking it. :)

have a good day!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

gauze fabric

i just received two bolts of quadruple gauze fabric. yay!
thanks emi-san. :)

this fabric is one of my favorite fabric to use and print on.
they are so soft and airy.
i will be making more baby blankets and also duvet covers and pillow cases.
i cant wait to start printing.

im also working on my website. it has been 5 years and really needs freshen up! 
so many things to do, but heat slow me down...

Thursday, July 12, 2012


i made the little PataPri catalog book.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

summer dress

rainy season is ending and summer is here in japan.
its hot and humid and pure hell.
last few days i was making summer dresses for girls.
i had a nice linen fabric for a while and wanted to make something with it.
i couldnt figure out how to sew lining inside the dress, so i googled.
found great tutorial.

it was well described and beginner  like i am could do it. yay!

2 dresses will be available on my etsy soon.
i will measure and figure it out the size but i think they are for girl around 10 years old.

i mentioned it on my facebook, but an article about my home is up online ( japanese), take a look! :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

how are you doing?
hayama art festival finished last sunday.
thank you all for coming to my open studio and workshop.
total of more than 60 people had their first or second time ( some came last year too) screen printing experience and they went home with smile and cute cotton bags!

in japan, there are not many screen printing classes available. even in tokyo.
years ago, when i was in japan, i tried to search the printing class, but they are either for pro or so expensive.
so when i went to chicago, i was happy to find out that there are classes available for everybody.
screen printing is so simple and fun! i want many people to enjoy them!
im thinking about doing workshop on regular bases.  that would be fun.

early this week, i was tired from the festival. i chilled and relaxed which im good at it. 
then on wednesday, i had urge to want to make something.
so i made the duvet cover and pillow cases.
i didnt print this time, i had many pattern prints in my bedroom( wall and curtains), so i wanted it to be more  quiet design.
i just sew straight ( not so straight ) line over and over and foreverrrrr using #20 threads which is for jeans , very thick threads. 
i had made the duvet cover using same fabrics i use for baby blanket, but none for my self. this 4 layered gauze fabric is so nice! its so light and soft, perfect for summer. i loved the texture. i used same fabric on back side too.
its tedious work to just sew straight line again and again, my motivation was to imagine sleeping in them, and that kept me going. haha

i love how it turned out, and i slept in it last night and was heavenly!
i want to make this one again and sell because i think many would love this duvet cover but i dont have energy to sew that much again at one time.
i will make duvet cover using this fabrics with my print on it.
hopefully soon!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

hayama art festival


hayama art festival has started yesterday!
it's a unique festival that local artists, shops are opening up their place to public doing exhibit, workshop, music shows, selling thier goods and etc...

im doing workshop and open little patapri shop in my living room.
4 kids and their moms came for screen printing workshop, and i had so much fun printing together!