Thursday, October 06, 2011

cotton&paper bags.

weather is so nice out and im heading to tokyo today to see the textile art show by akemi chon.
i met her at lillstreet in chicago where i learned screen print, she teaches japanese textile there.
it will be great so see her in japan!

the show will be at ginza where we have the first apple store in japan.
i will stop by apple store to feel him...

besides that, im working hard for the fair im doing in a couple of weeks.
i printed paper bags and cotton bags.
i bought a bunch of bags from muji. and i think i will give it to the customer who purchase baby blanket at the fair.

friend of mine from school is coming to japan, im so excited to see him someone from chicago in here, and he will be a big help at the fair. heavy tables etc...

you have a great weekend!




Sunday, October 02, 2011


hello everyone!
im sorry for long absence from blog. :p
it's just that summer weather was killing me.
the heat and high humidity of japans summer really put me down.

the weather affects me in the big way.

now, fall is here and im super happy!

im ready to work!!

the article about me and my work was in the local free paper " shonan beach FM 78.9 magazine".

if you are in shonan area, please grab it. you can find it at shops and restaurant, convini. now im busy for the craft fair im doing on oct 22nd at kamakura.  鎌んどいち場
it seems really fun fair, so if you in kamakura area please stop by.
im sharing the table with my neighbor chica, she makes
beautiful knitted hats!
i recently bought a lock sewing machine finally.
i was staying away from it coz it looks scary and not sure if i can handle using it. but im glad i got it, it makes life so much easier!
im using it to sew my pillow cases.
i will be making more pillow cases and maybe duvet covers too.